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1200x600mm panel 3528SMD

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Panouri solare Ferroli

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Sunmaster XL10


High power, compact size
The most recent development from Mastervolt is a new high power solar inverter with a power rating of 10 kW AC. The new Sunmaster XL models are delivered in a waterproof IP55 enclosure which can be installed in either a grid connected solar tracker system or a stationary PV system.
The inverter consists of three highly efficient switch mode power modules of 3.3 kW power rating each. The unit has an operating DC voltage window of 100-600 V DC.
Galvanic isolation is provided by class II high frequency transformers.

Best yields
The new Sunmaster XL has an operating efficiency of over 95 % (EU). The output voltage is 230 V AC three-phase, 50 Hz. Islanding protection is foreseen according to local standards.
Extended diagnostics and remote monitoring is delivered as a standard.

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