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1200x600mm panel 3528SMD

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Panouri solare Ferroli

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Sun Tracer SM40MIV3P 3 panels - 0.9 kWp

General group of features included in product: Solar Tracker 1-axis SM44M1V3P w backstr. for 3 pan. 0.9kWp
Number of motion axis: 1- axis
Astronimic tracking algorithm: Yes, precision of 0,5 degrees ( 0,1 **** )
CPV usage (concentrated PV usage): Yes, but mainly attended for 3 flat solar panels
Real time clock & date with bck. batt.: Yes, included
USB or RS232 interface to PC: Yes, included
Type of networking communication: CAN BUS ****
Type of application program for supervision and setting: Solar tracking system, monitor via web site
Setting via PC: Yes, included
Monitoring via PC: Yes, included
Upgrading via PC: Yes, included
Controling & driving via PC: Yes, included
Backstructure - Number of Arms and length: 2 pcs of 1000mm
Backstructure - Number of solar tothed clamps: 12 pieces
Options ( marked with **** are for additional payment ):  
Guarantee time: 2 years, optionally 10 years for addtional 35% of price

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