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1200x600mm panel 3528SMD

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Panouri solare Ferroli

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Pompa centrifugala (4 inch) 110V

     - High efficiency & high reliability
     - Driven by PM,brushless DC Motor
     - Minimum maintenance, long life & without watching
     - All the necessary production
     - Environment friendly materials, lubricate without oil
     - Village or family water supply
     - Animal drinking water and lives tock watering
     - Garden/Courtyard irrigation
     - Natatorinm/4. swimming pool
     - Water supply for bivouac or camping car
     - Water supply for remote areas
New Technology:
     - Operate automatically & without watching
     - Protected from dry operation
     - Maximal Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
     - Intelligent management for battery charging & discharging
Automatic control:

     - Applications innovation
   The DC PM brushless motor has increased its efficiency up to 25% in comparison with traditional small asynchronous motor-25% PV modules
could be saved.
     - Technology Innovation(Patent)
   Stator and rotor are sealed by environment friendly casting resin. The motor’s insulation resistance can be hold higher than 300MO, for more
than 10 years. It consumedly increased the security and reliability of the submersible motor.
     - Structure Novelty
   Casting resin technology processed stator and rotor as well as the water lubricated bearing make the submersile pump environment friendly (no
even one glob oil) easy to install and more reliability.

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