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1200x600mm panel 3528SMD

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Panouri solare Ferroli

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eModule series - Modular solar controller

          eModule series is the modular solar controller for solar photovoltaic telecommunication power supply, stand alone solar photovoltaic station and solar photovoltaic-diesel / gasoline generator or solar -utility power hybrid power supply system, which control and manage the system with the lowest power loss, the highest power supply quality and reliability, the lowest cost and the optimal electromagnetic compatibility and redundancy.

     - Modular design, random assembly of charge module (2~8pcs), load module, management unit and auxiliary module.
     - Distributed control, each module are connected by CAN bus which will improve the system reliability and flexibility
     - Charging and discharging adopts optimum control by compensation calculating discharge rate, temperature and other parameters.
     - HMI with monochrome dot matrix LCD screen and poly dome, easy to operate
     - Adjustable charge and discharge control parameters with password protection
     - Multiple isolated power supply for each module ensures high reliability, high anti - interference and electromagnetic compatibility
     - High-performance 12-bit analog-digital converter, with high sampling resolution and accuracy
     - Self-protection, alarm function and the self-diagnostic, alerts function of failure.
     - Multiple input and output extended interface, used for the controlling, data sampling and alarm of inverter, grid, diesel / gasoline generator and other peripheral devices.
     - Extensive protection of reverse polarity, reverse current, over load and short circuit.
     - RS232, RS485 communication port, which can meet the remote monitoring requirement of single or multiple power station by using dedicated PC software.

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