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1200x600mm panel 3528SMD

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Panouri solare Ferroli

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DCCP series - LED driver

          DCCP series DC constant current LED driver is designed for LED lighting system which is powered by DC power supply, such as solar, wind etc. The high frequency pre-shutdown current control technology improves LED Luminous efficiency, reduces the led luminous decay and ensures the lifetime of LED source. The working hours and output power are adjustable by using optional LED driver controller.

     - Wide input voltage range DC8V-DC32V , compatible with 12V/24V full voltage range
     -     High precision constant current control (< ± 2%)
     -     Efficiency 395% in 24V system: Efficiency 393% in 12V system; Peak efficiency of 96%;
     -     High power density design with small size
     -     Using the extraordinary life of the rnetalized film capacitors as power-driven filter which ensures the long lifetime of driver
     - Adjustable rated output current and power
     -     Linear PWM duty cycle dimming control with high reliability
     -     PCB with high-moisture proof, anti-condensation resin processing
     -     Nature cooling
     -     Optional digital LED driver controller LDC-01, which has four working timer period. For each period, the working hours and power (0-100%) can be set independently.

     -     Input polarity reverse protection
     -     Output short circuit protection
     -     Output open circuit protection

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