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3KW Wind-solar hybrid controller (503 eur/buc, fara TVA)


The wind/solar hybrid controller is control device which can control wind turbine and solar panel at the same time and transform wind and solar energy into electricity then store to the battery bank. Wind/solar hybrid controller is the most important part in off-grid system, whose performance has much effect on life expectancy and operation of the whole system, especially the battery expectancy. Life span of battery will be shortened by over-charge or over-discharge in any case.



  - Superior military-grade components to ensure the product stability.

  - Adopt Single Chip Micyoco (SCM) to have precise system control.

  - Perfect protection function, thus the system has higher reliability.

  - Check and set all operation parameters as requirement from LCD display.

  - Voltage limiting and current-limiting charge mode, ensures battery in the best charging status.

  - PWM stepless unload mode, which burn the excess power into dump load, making the battery charging in best status.

  - European CE certification.



  - Temperature compensation function.

  - Low voltage charge function, which makes full use of low wind power.

  - RS communication function: RS232/RS485/RJ45/GPRS are optional communication ports.



Ethernet communication module

CNS311 is a terminal device using the Ethernet data transmission. Embedded Ethernet serial converter module integrated within the TCP / IP protocol, complete the networking of device easily, fast access to the LAN and the Internet. The module is transparent to user, who does not need to know well the complex network and TCP / IP protocol.


GPRS communication module

ZSD3110 is a terminal device using the GPRS wireless data transmission. Which supports for PPP, TCP, UDP, ICMP and other complex network protocols and SOCKET standards, providing completely transparent data transmission and users free control transmission .This module supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, equipment-to-equipment, equipment-to-center etc different communications modes . Users do not need to worry about complex network protocol, they can have the wireless data transceiver with RS232/485/422 interfaces, So that the device can be access to Internet anytime and anywhere.


RS485-USB converter

Universal USB/RS-485 converter, Without external power supply, compatible with USB, RS-422, RS-485 standards, with ability to convert single-ended USB signals to the balanced differential RS-422 or RS-485 signals. Converter with active internal automatic transceiver conversion, unique I / O circuit automatic control data flow direction, dispensing with any handshaking signals (such as RTS, DTR, etc.) and jumper settings to achieve full-duplex (RS-22 ), half-duplex (RS-485) mode switch, plug and play.


RS485-232 converter

Compatible with both RS-232 and RS-485, with ability to convert single-ended RS-232 signal to balanced differential RS-485 signal, extended RS232 communication to 1 km away, and no external power supply needed. Half-duplex (RS-485) mode switch, plug and play. Ensure that it meets all existed communications software and interface hardware, dispensing with any software modification which used for previous RS232 working mode.


RS232-USB converter

RS232-USB converter is especially for different computer communication series, external devices have the remote data communications between smart devices, a standard serial interface conversion to each other. It is mainly used for the remote communication between the host computers, the host computer and between peripheral point to point. Commonly used in industrial automation and control systems, mobile control communications and power equipments monitoring communications systems.





  - Stand alone wind/solar hybrid power station

  - Stand alone domestic household wind/solar hybrid power system

  - GSM base stations, expressway and other no-residential regions.

  - Coastal islands, remote mountainous, border posts for regions shortage of or without electricity.

  - Government demonstration projects, landscape lighting project, street light project etc.



Customers, who will order the wind/solar hybrid street light controllers, need to provide the following information:

  - Rated battery voltage

  - Rated solar power

  - Rated wind turbine power

Whether the wind turbine is three phase AC output, single phase DC output or single phase AC output.








Rated Wind Turbine Power


Rated Solar Power


Rated Battery Voltage






Wind Turbine Maximum Input Current

125 A

60 A

50 A

25 A

25 A

Wind Turbine Maximum Input Power


Unload Voltage (factory default)


112 V


252 V

280 V

Unload Current (factory default)






Control Mode


Display Mode


Display Parameters

Wind Turbine Power, Wind Turbine Voltage, Wind Turbine Current,

PV Voltage, PV Charge Current, PV Power, Battery Voltage

Working Temperature &Humidity

-20~+50 0C/35~85%RH (Without Condensation)

Temperature Compensation (optional)

4mV/ 0C/2V ,–35 0C--+80 0C, Precision:±1 0C

Communication Mode (optional)

RS232、RS485、RJ45、GPRS. Etc

Protection Function

Solar reverse charge protection , Solar reverse connection protection,

Battery over charge protection ,Battery reverse connection protection,

Lightning protection, Wind turbine current limiting,

Wind turbine automatic brake and manual brake.

In order to serve our customers better. Our company can adjust parameters configuration according to customer’s requirement.

Declare: The product has applied for patent protection, counterfeiting will be subject to legal sanctions. Our company reserves the right to change products .Design and specification are subject to change without prior notice.

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